Near term this stock could appreciate 5 to 10X the current value!

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Near term this stock could appreciate 5 to 10X the current value!

From our discussion with a key figure representing the company there is a major change in the wind!

September 11, 2017

This stock represents a deep discounted value situation that needs to be bought!

Imagine buying 30k shares @.17 for $5000.00 and within few months that investment could be worth $30,000.00 or more! This is not hype,spin,pump or fantasy!


STR Holding,Inc. (STRI-.17) Strong buy rating with superior upside near term and almost zero risk on the downside!

tiny market cap, huge cash hoard, bk is 9X the price,$6million worth of land for sale, no debt,huge NOL and only 19 million shares outstanding!

STR Holdings,Inc. (STRI~ .17)


phone ~860 272 4235

The company was a pioneer from the 70's with respect to providing encapsulants to the solar industry.

Encapsulants are a critical component used to hold solar modules together. Visit website for additional information concerning their product line.

During the past few years the company found it necessary to realign its business model in order to compete with the ever changing competition and pricing.

The company closed its facility in Malaysia and currently has placed its facility for sale ($5.8 million ) and as of the of June 30th Q has closed the facility in China. It appears much of the remaining business will be conducted within the country of India.

If you look on page 9 of the recent 10Q you will see that management states that the operation in China has ended. The company also intends to convert assets into cash for potential redeployment into more PROFITABLE ENDEAVORS!

During the second Q STRI received an insurance payment in China from the results of a fire ($1.5 million). The company anticipates an additional payment which will represent the final payment.

We had a conversation with a corporate "friendly" and from our conversation it appears some major change is coming. If you look at the balance sheet one will notice a huge cash horde of $13 million ( does not include the the $5.8 million facility for sale in Malaysia, the final insurance payment and the China assets also for sale).

Please recall,that our stock trades for only .17! A huge discount from its cash value. The total book value is around $1.52 or 9X greater than the stated share price. Upon review of the recent 10k STRI has around in $11 million in an NOL. It represent at least $.50/sh which is a juicy item that can be used for acquiring a profitable company that allows for shielding from paying state and federal taxes.

We believe that management may spin off the solar division and with the cash horde acquire a private profitable company that wants to go public. We assume that $13 million could easily attract a revenue based company that has revenues between $25-$75 million.


We have a company that is winding down divisions. The stock is trading for 20% of cash, 11% of total book, management spelling out that they are looking for a new direction in order to enhance shareholder's value and other assets that may increase the value of our depressed shares even more than they already are.

Another interesting "tidbit" management a few days ago told us to watch for a presser!

We have a market cap of only $3.2 million and a book value of $29 million. If the right catalyst comes along STRI could easily trade at $1.00 and still be trading dramatically below stated bk. I believe if management cannot find new direction then liquidation of the company is surely another avenue to consider.

Bottom line we see very limited risk on the downside and maybe 5-10X on the upside short term(within 6 months).

Final note: Management owns 2.5 million, Zhen Fa New Energy owns 9.2 million shares , Institutions own 5 million and a Mutual Fund(T Rowe Price) owns 1.1 million. These number may vary except for management and the China company. The public owns around 3+ million and most own this stock as a major loser. S A Advisory investor's have the opportunity to purchase shares below fire sale and Bankruptcy levels.

Finally, buying 30k shares @ .17 or around $5000.00 could easily run to $1.00 and suddenly you have $30,000.00 enough to buy a cheap Tesla!


Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals (ARWR) $3.39

On Sept 14, 2017 key personal will discuss the advancements of ARWR and also the joint venture with AMGN. To recap~ ARWR will provide an overview of the Company's new platform technology and its pipeline of RNAi- based therapeutics. This discussion will include:

1. The targeted RNAi Molecule (TRiM) Platform, which includes targeted to the liver, tumors, and another tissue to be disclosed at the event.

2.ARO-AAT for liver disease associated with alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency,

3. ARO-HBV for chronic hepatitis B infection

4. ARO-APOC3 for cardiovascular diseases

5. Updates on ARWR's clinical development timelines

Note: A live and achived webcast of the event,with slides~

Please recall back on Sept 29th 2016 ARWR/AMGN created a Cardiovascular Collaboration for 2 RNAi therapeutics. The Total deal value of up to $673.5 million. ARWR received $56 million up front. The herd will have "big ears" concerning the outcome of this collaboration. Via the grapevine there has been chatter that both companies will be formally introducing a FDA filing on potential drug testing . If the mere mention of this advanced FDA process they herd will have a bullish stampede on the upside and shorts will hang themselves if they can even afford the rope!

Biotechs are the toughest investment speculation to be found anywhere. If cash burn-rate was not hard enough to swallow you then need to deal with "gods" of the FDA! Fortunes can be had as well as potentially vying for an abandoned shopping cart.

Like a "hurricane" the FDA can clip millions or billions off the value of a company's market-cap with a 4 letter word-"DENY"!

Last November 2016 the FDA "clipped" ARWR when the Arrow's lab somehow OD'd a few chimps and regardless how successful the human trial had gone- the FDA punished ARWR causing the stock to free fall from $6.00 to $1.20! Faster than a hand of Blackjack !

At the same time AMGN decided to throw ARWR a small bone with the possibility of a large Dinosaur bone ($622,000,000.00) if results from a new platform could create a Cardio cancer drug. At present AMGN is funding the company for their research with more money to be released if results are juicy enough!

We still believe that ARWR is still deep into their RNAi based therapeutic platform. In a nutshell RNAi is the mechanism that offers a pathway of gene silencing to target and shut down specific genes that cause disease.

Note: go to and click,"the shape of drugs and go down and click RNAi. There is more than meet the eye between AMGN/ARWR.

The large sum of money mentioned above with AMGN deals with a program to utilize ARWR's proprietary subcutanous RNAi delivery platform for therapies for cardiovascular disease. Part of the agreement grants AMGN worldwide, exclusive license to ARWR's novel, RNAi-ARC-LPA program. These RNAi molecules are designed to reduce elevated lipoprotein(a), which is a genetically validated, independent risk factor for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

In our opinion, if AMGN continues to like the results i see very little reason why AMGN would continue to fund the company, but instead just buy them.

ARWR is extremely rich with patents, technology and capable science so AMGN gets many valuable extras. Lately, the Biotech segment has been active in the M&A area -KITE was just swallowed by Gilead for $12 billion! Many of these Biotech's are swimming with hordes of cash and i believe Gilead has just woken up the major players to start grabbing deals before the other guy snags them!

AMGN is a "GOD" of the Biotech sector. At present they have $39,000,000,000 in cash and their stock is $180.00/sh and there are around 730 million shares outstanding.

The fantasy: Amgen buys ARWR for $20/sh because the results announced on Sept 14th and beyond indicate enormous potential. If AMGN paid cash that would only be $1.5 Billion. Personally, if i was AMGN i would use their stock and it would only cost around 8.3 million shares of AMGN stock. Like a drop of water in a puddle.

Food for thought: Silence Therapeutics owns over 9% of ARWR free trading shares.

phone: +44 (0)20 3457 6900


The company is heavy into RNAi research and development.

We have been involved in ARWR for a number of years and have felt the euphoria and level 9 of HELL!

ARWR has been involved with Gilead (GILD-$85) ,Novartis (NVS-$86) and Amgen (AMGN-$180).

It is only a matter of time before one of these giants takes out ARWR because of their results, platforms, science, patents and most importantly results. We rate ARWR with a strong buy rating. It maybe like playing dice, but in our case even if you throw a snake eyes we still have the potential to throw 7 at a later date.

On Sept 14, 2017 the cards will be on the table. There will be 3 options: 1.the street already assumed the steady potential with AMGN and the stalls and the short lick their chops!

2. Results are less than anticipated and the stocks drops to low $2 range even though AMGN continues the research and still will fund.

3. We hit certain milestones and results are very favorable and the stock rockets!

Regardless, we believe a good price ($3.39) to build a position in this biotech opportunity with amazing upside potential .


$Account.OrganizationName Dextera Surgical, Inc. ( DXTR .33)


The company designs and manufactures proprietary stapling devices for minimally invasive surgical procedures. The company also markets the only automated anastomosis devices for coronary bypass graft surgery on the market today: the C-Port Distal Anastomosis Systems and PAS-Port Proximal Anastomosis System.

An exciting development for the company was the recent approval by the FDA that it has received clearance to use its MicroCutter 5/80 Stapler and MicroCutter 30 White and Curved Tip White Reloads in conjunction with open solid organ parenchymal dissection techniques including organs such as the liver, kidney pancreas and spleen.

According to management this additional clearance into new clinical areas represents an additional 44,000 procedures in the USA.

Please take some time and visit DXTR's website and review the excellent presentation that was introduced on August 24, 2017 at the Southern California Investor Conference located in Newport Beach, California.

We believe that the most compelling angle about DXTR is the fact that they compete in a $2 billion total World Wide surgical stapling market and the recent clearance by the FDA increases their presence. The current balance sheet and income statement are not pretty, but that could change because of additional catalysts that could be forthcoming near term.

B. Braun a behemoth Medical company is in the final stages of developing a partnership with DXTR to market and distribute their products within the EU and OUS. We assume an upfront fee and attractive royalty fee are in the final stages since the FDA has given DXTR its blessings.

The company could get bought out by any number of giant medical equipment companies that already own the space or want a "toe hold" in this promising and growing medical segment.

At the end of the 2nd Q documents indicate that they have a $6 million cash horde. The company also indicates tiny revenue, small backlog and limited equity. In our opinion this will change within the next 6-12 months. On a fully diluted basis there are 87 million shares outstanding- this assumes all converts including preferred, options and 44 million warrants. The warrants are presently the "show" stopper!

In our opinion, this stock would have already traded higher than the current range during the past few months because these 44 million warrants are being converted and sold into the market place. Upon just the conversion of the warrants the company will receive an additional $12 million . There most likely will be a few more dollars from other conversions, but the warrants are the key that will eventually open the door for DXTR to move higher.

Ladenburg Thalmann has a dog/pony on Sept 26,2017 in NYC and DXTR is one of their featured companies. It just so happens that they also placed a target stock price of .80( smells like something is being planned with respect to a financial raise or Investment Banking agreement to act as an agent for a potential sale of the company).

Bottom-line: Once the distribution is absorbed by the hungry herd for DXTR this stock should move . We are not so sure about .80 target, but believe a .50-.60 price target near term could develop when the company announces the finalized partnership with B. Braun, possible partnership in the US, warrant conversion and large cash horde,possible merger or even buyout and the possible acquisition of new product development.

Anyway you slice, dice or in this case staple DXTR is going higher near term. If you are looking for short term play DXTR could be your action! If you are looking longer term DXTR has positive upside. The share price will really depend upon the catalysts that will be the drivers .

We rate DXTR with a strong speculative buy rating short term and long term.


Stock Performance during past 18 months


OPXS----------.70------- 1.05-----strong B

OPXXW--------.15------------ .34--strong B

VUZI------------$6.35------$6.08--strong B

ESMC---------- .10-----------.12------BUY

STRI-----------.26-------------.17-------- BUY

AETI-----------$1.60---------$1.55----- BUY

WPCS-------$1.25----------$1.28------ BUY


BSGM---------$1.33--------$1.30------- BUY



HEMA-----------.35-------$3.00-----strong B




LPAD------------.80------------.81--Strong Buy

ARWR------------2.80-------3.45--Strong Buy

DXTR--------------.31---------.33---Strong buy

.Since we are releasing this document on Sept 11, 2017~ we wish to honor the Fallen . We all remember the horrible images that were flashed across TV screens on September 11, 2001 worldwide.



Some material was derived from Goldman Small Cap & SeethruEquity. Some medical data retrieved from various news sources.


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