S. A. Advisory - E-mail Update September 29th 2013, Texas Oil project being introduced by S A Advisory for individual investors to purchase interest in 3 Oil wells- 2 wells to be drilled and 1 to be re-completed.

S.A. Advisory E-Mail Update


S. A. Advisory Update for September 29, 2013

Texas Oil project being introduced by S A Advisory for individual investors to purchase interest in 3 Oil wells- 2 wells to be drilled and 1 to be re-completed.

Fort Bend County, Texas~ Boling Domes Field (first well drilling 1920's).

September 29th, 2013

The project consists of 2 proven developmental and 1 wildcat.
The wildcat well has the potential of 1,000,000 barrels of resources, while the other 2 wells are P1 with 152,000 barrels.
As you know we primarily deal only with Oil related investments.

Our current portfolio is made up of Domestic & International trading investment vehicles and occasional dividend issuing Oil and Gas plays.

In the past we have introduced drilling programs that have been successful and that have also been "dogs"! We of course prefer the successful "gusher" stories!

Our latest project, "Boling Dome Project" is located in Fort Bend County, Texas. The area of drilling has produced in excess of 40,000,000 barrels of oil from the Miocene, Het and Frio Sands. The great majority of this production has been from the Frio.

The current project that we are participating in consist of 2 wells to be drilled &1 re-complete. The Myska Project consists of Myska 4 ( wildcat well that has a potential of 1,000,000 barrels of resources (C-Sand) ), the Myska 3 ( primarily a re-complete( A & B Sands combined) with 65,000 P1) and the Myska 5 ( primarily a directional well that is only targeting the C Sand with P1 of 88,000 barrels.).

According to SEC guidelines: the 2 P1 wells will yield at least a 4/1 return. The "wildcat" well if successful could indicate reserves of 1 million barrels and would suddenly propel our return into a range of 31/1!

This 40% porosity Salt Dome Project with its' 2 well drilling & 1 re-complete endeavor not only can offer investors an excellent monthly cash flow , but also a great tax advantage.

The project is anticipated to begin drilling within 3 weeks and should be completed in 7-10 weeks. The Oil will then be sold promptly via tanker and sold @ WTI +$3.00. The estimates are based upon $100/barrel.

The cost/1% equals $26,000.00 ( this includes completion cost)~ Individual investors are invited to purchase as little as 1/4%~ checks are mail monthly.

For more information call Chauncey B @ Energy Equities ~~1-800-811-2694.

Top 7 Oils + most recent Oil stock recommended within Sept 16,2013 email alert

1. enytf *****$7.90*******$8.31**B

2. cenjf*****$17.42*******$17.94**B

3. nog*****$13.46********$14.64**B

4. sdcjf*****$.98*********$.98***B

5. tplm**** $8.92*****$9.70**B

6. ureyf****$.10********$.14***B

7. hk******$4.71********$.4.53**B

8. skwef****$.68**********$..73**B

Brief overview:

ENYTF continues to firm because of very attractive yield from Oil trust~ still over 12%. CENJF had a $20 buyout bid, but management just yawned, but remains in play. NOG has suddenly come to life. A pure Bakken Play that is just catching up to the herd and may very well be in play. SDCJF a favorite Bakken and EF play that is flat-line for the past number of months. We believe once additional results are released that we should see a brake-out. TPLM is on fire & firing on all cylinders~ Another pure play Bakken Oil member. UREYF is our only Russian Oil play that most likely is the cheapest Oil stock that we own. UREYF has been making higher highs because a Hedge fund that own 30% of the shares outstanding is getting very restless and wants change. Mid-year results are due this week. HK is just plain hated and the "shorts" are eating them for lunch and diner. We see little risk down at current levels. Management has been heavy buyers. SKWEF has finally come to life & we believe that they are going to get bought or will merge very soon. The chart looks great, breached 200 and 50 day moving average, increasing volume and huge blocks going by and the company is in a blackout period for 1 1/2 months.

Other stuff






Final Note: I think that the Government is going to get shut because Obama will not admit that his only "prize" is a failure. The R I believe will hold firm and Obama will not budge either & this will result in the Gov. closing down!!

Actually, it will be painful for the markets for days until something is worked out~like Obamacare is put off for 1 year when it might be less of an Atomic blast on America!

I just do not know if America will survive another 3 years of this horror story. Don't worry, the debt ceiling party is coming in 3 weeks and will be even a bigger blast!!

17,000,000,000,000.00 trillion!!` visit the site www.usdebtclock.org~ who needs NUKES!

We have not been paid by any of the listed investments within this email alert. We may buy, sell and or hold @ our own discretion.


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